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What do you love most about doing hair?

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to do hair. My aunt was a hairstylist and I loved watching her laugh and have fun with her clients. She made them feel beautiful and was able to be creative at the same time! For these past 13 years, I have been the lucky one and so thankful that my hobby is my job, with as much passion for making connections with people as I do getting to create on each canvas that sits in my chair. My clients have become my family and this last year has truly made me cherish the encouragement, wisdom and laughter I’ve received over the years. I’d have to say, my absolute favorite part about doing hair is seeing those I care about feeling refreshed and confident walking out of the salon. It’s that little pep in their step that makes me smile so big! 


What do you find yourself doing in your spare time? 

When I’m not at the salon, I’m building lego worlds and doing the air guitar to Bohemian Rhapsody with my son, playing peek a boo and taking the time to stare at the trees with my one year old daughter. Traveling seems like a distant memory but we love exploring new places and cultures. I try to soak up all the time I have with my hubby trying out new recipes and freakishly obsessing over murder mystery shows! Please give me all your recommendations! 


What’s your favorite sweet treat?

I never had a sweet tooth until I was pregnant with my daughter and now of course it hasn’t gone away! If I had to pick my favorite sweet, it’s most definitely a Kit Kat bar. And yes, I am still that kid at heart that bites off all the chocolate edges and eats each wafer one layer at a time . 

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