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What do you love most about the hair industry?

What I love most about doing hair is building relationships with clients while also being able to build confidence in others. I love working in an industry where the goal is to make others feel the best they can! It’s an amazing feeling to watch your clients have a boost in their confidence. I love constantly being able to learn and evolve in this industry because you can never stop learning! I grew up constantly being in a salon and it just felt right to keep that going on my everyday life! 


What do you find yourself doing in your spare time? 

In my spare time I enjoy being around my family and friends! I also love being able to spend the extra time with my dog, she is a huge part of my life and is a needy girl who needs all the attention. I also enjoy going to the beach and spending the day going to all of the little shops. 


What’s your favorite sweet treat?

Picking just one sweet treat is a little difficult  but I’m a sucker for apple pie and anything sour!! 

- salon assistant / salon coordinator -

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