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What do you love most about doing hair? 

My favorite part about doing hair is the genuine connection you create with people who may start out as total strangers. I see my clients more often then I see most family: they are my chosen hair family.  I get  to wake up and make people’s day simply  by doing what I love! 


What do you find yourself doing in your spare time? 

I spend quality time friends, family and my future hubby. When I’m not constantly thinking of ways to redecorate, reorganize or turn us into a zero waste household , I love trying new restaurants and shopping local. A nice cold drink in the sunshine is my favorite place to be. P.s. I love cats! 


What is your favorite sweet treat ?

... now that’s a hard one! I live for sweet treats. I think all meals should end with dessert and at least once a week your day should start with it. Ok, but seriously , ice cream!! Orrr sour belts, the red kind please and thank you. 

- hairdresser​ -

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