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What do you love most about doing hair? 

I think what I love most about doing hair is the culture of this industry. Clients that turn into friends, filling a salon with talented, inspirational stylists, ongoing education, and pushing myself to be the best I can be behind that chair! The hair industry is constantly changing. I love that part. It’s just a reminder to never settle and keep growing.


What do you find yourself doing in your spare time? 

Ah my family time, I have an amazing (and hunky) husband, two beautiful daughters, and our sweet doggy. One of my favorite things lately we have all been cooking dinner together as a family. I get the baby all cozy in her sling, and we get to cooking something as my daughter says “delicious!” Over the last year we have been remodeling our new home, I found a true love for interior design, which made it so fun to design SUGAR! 


What’s your favorite sweet treat?

CHAMPAGNE! jk.. well kinda.. but I’m a candy person I’d say my fav is good ol Red Vines. 

- owner / hairdresser-

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