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What do you love most about being in the skin care industry? 

What I love most about my industry is hands-down the connections I make with my clients. Even new clients walking in the door immediately feel like a part of my family once our service is over. Coming from a family that lives so far away I feel like I have built a support system with every single person walking through the door. Letting someone touch you it’s such a personal experience and it’s an honor to have so many people in Sonoma County trust me with that. At the end of the day it never feels like work but catching up with old friends.


What do you find yourself doing in your spare time? 

My spare time is usually spent with my son just being as weird as possible we love watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine and changing all the lyrics to Cher songs to match what we’re doing for the day.


What’s your favorite sweet treat?

I have the biggest sweet tooth so it’s hard to pick my favorite but hands-down Swedish fish are never too far away for me. I also have an uncontrollable obsession with Jordan almonds so apologies in advance if we are ever at a wedding together because I will be stealing yours.

- aesthetician/brow specialist -

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